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  • VascularSono
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Passionate innovations have been the driving force that has moved the Pajunk Company to the forefront of medical technology. This family run, company brings legendary German engineering and innovative design to improve procedures, patient comfort, and profitability. For nearly 50 years, Pajunk has led the way in medical systems, including laparoscopy, regional anesthesia, biopsy, and dental.


1.888.9PAJUNK (72.5865)
6611 Bay Circle, Suite 140
Norcross, GA 30071 USA
To order our products a hard copy purchase order is required.

E-mail Purchase Orders To: orders@pajunk-usa.com
FAX Purchase Orders To:            (678) 514 – 3388

Welcome to Block GuRU. Our joint project with the University of Birmingham, UK, the Block GuRU App (Guidance for Regional Anesthesia using Ultrasound). This App combines 3D anatomical diagrams with live anatomy and ultrasonography. In other words, standard anatomical text books meets clinical anatomy. Designed to be used by all levels of regional anesthesia providers as a refresher or to aid learning a new technique. Download GuRU for iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and Android Market. Regional anesthesia guides in the palm of your hand (nerve blocks, ultrasound, regional).
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